Colombian Cocoa Control System

COLCO is an international project between the UK and Colombia, aiming to support cacao farmers improve the quality and yield of their crop through the use of integrated technology

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12 companies based in the UK and Colombia and working across the cacao and technology sectors make up the COLCO family

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What is COLCO?

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Moving towards peace

By Jemma Dyson - Posted January 29th, 2021
Moving Towards Peace in Colombia At the height of the conflict and social regeneration is continuing in areas that were severely impacted...

How can I be involved?

COLCO is currently in its second phase of funding and is looking to secure future support and funding to help the project deliver a self-sustaining innovation ecosystem which is essential to meeting the COLCO vision: ‘Colombia’s cacao sector is the global leader in the sustainable production of fine quality cacao, is recognised as being at the forefront of technology adoption and social innovation underpinned by COLCO, and delivers growth, equality and prosperity to all smallholder farmers’.

Organisations interested in becoming a part of the COLCO journey can express interest to join the COLCO ecosystem for future phases to aid in the delivery of our vision. Please contact to receive further information.

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