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Our vision

COLCO’s vision is that Colombia’s cacao sector is the global leader in the sustainable production of fine quality cacao, is recognised as being at the forefront of technology adoption and social innovation and delivers growth, equality and prosperity to all smallholder farmers.

Since 2018, we have been designing and implementing an integrated technology solution to monitor Colombian cacao value and supply chains to deliver improvements to the quality and yield of cacao production in Colombia.

To deliver on COLCO’s vision, we have brought together a vibrant ecosystem of supply chain, technology, innovation, policy and research organisations from the UK and Colombia who are collaborating to develop solutions that address key production challenges and deliver benefits across the value chain.

Who we are working with





Service Providers

The COLCO Approach

COLCO is developing and deploying a suite of products and services following extensive engagement with representatives across the cacao value chain.

The services, delivered directly through our UK and Colombian partners, include:

  • Helping farmers access increased support through in-field training on crop pests and diseases
  • Use of climate intelligence to aid farmer decision making and allocation of inputs to better optimise and protect attainable yields
  • Manufacturing and implementing innovations that will support farmers during their post-harvest activities, including improved quality control on fermentation and drying
  • Utilising computer vision technologies for transforming subjective assessments of the produce quality for cacao traders

The pre- and post-harvest services will be paired with an online marketplace that we believe will result in increased traceability and transparency, a better price for farmers, and a more climate-resilient and secure value chain that will benefit all stakeholders.

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The future of COLCO

COLCO is a multi-year project that has been able to prove that our model will be economically sustainable past the end of the project, by linking our activities to the Sustainable Development Goals, contributing towards the success of the 2016 Peace Agreement in Colombia, and aiming to support farmers in reducing deforestation.

Some of the areas we plan to explore during the next phases of COLCO are:

  • Developing technological capacity for farmers and enhancing the use of data for the future
  • Extending our “train the trainers” programme to ensure project sustainability
  • Strengthening the UK-Colombia cacao ecosystem
  • Expanding the supply chains to similar crops and extending to new territories

We are seeking new partners and funding opportunities to align with our activities on COLCO from June 2021 onwards. If you are interested in being a part of our journey, please get in touch.

You are working on a legend in Colombia. COLCO will transform cacao. We consider this a gift to Colombia.

Sergio Villa, CCC

"Colombia y el sector cacaotero tienen un reto ineludible que es la productividad, asociado con la calidad. COLCO le brindará a Colombia y a nuestro sector cacaotero estos elementos para llevar al país a estándares internacionales con una agricultura sostenible"

Juan Fernando Valenzuela, El Director de Fomento Agrícola de Grupo Nutresa

"Debemos prepararnos para una cacaocultura más moderna y competitiva que implemente las técnicas agronómicas para aumentar la productividad y su adaptación al cambio climático. Estas deben incluir metodologías de extensión rural que usen plataformas digitales para la transferencia del conocimiento a los productores, sistemas de monitoreo y beneficio del grano para mejorar su calidad y comercialización. El proyecto COLCO le apunta a esto y para Fedecacao es fundamental como gremio de los productores en Colombia"

Iván Dario Góez, Supervisor Nacional de Fedecacao

Working With Us

COLCO will strengthen UK-Colombian business relationships across the agriculture sector. Contact us to find out more.

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