Cacao Photobooklet

Colombia Calibración de equipos de aplicación de plaguicidas

Colombia Deficiencia de Azufre

Colombia Deficiencia de Boro

Colombia Deficiencia de Calcio_final

Colombia Deficiencia de Hierro

Colombia Deficiencia de Magnesio

Colombia Deficiencia de Nitrógeno

Colombia Deficiencia de Potasio

Colombia Deficiencia de Zinc

Fotoguía de Plagas y Enfermedades del Cacao (Mobile Version)

Fotoguía de Plagas y Enfermedades del Cacao (Web Version)

Colombia Cacao Antracnosis

Colombia Cacao Carmenta

Colombia Cacao Escoba de bruja

Colombia Cacao Hormiga arriera

Colombia Cacao Monilia

How can I be involved?

COLCO is currently in its second phase of funding and is looking to secure future support and funding to help the project deliver a self-sustaining innovation ecosystem which is essential to meeting the COLCO vision: ‘Colombia’s cacao sector is the global leader in the sustainable production of fine quality cacao, is recognised as being at the forefront of technology adoption and social innovation underpinned by COLCO, and delivers growth, equality and prosperity to all smallholder farmers’.

Organisations interested in becoming a part of the COLCO journey can express interest to join the COLCO ecosystem for future phases to aid in the delivery of our vision. Please contact to receive further information.

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